At We Say Yes Homes, we help families (and individuals) to build brand new homes all over the San Antonio area. Or, if you prefer, we help rehab existing homes that fit your criteria.

We’ve put together a system so that you can get the house you want in the areas you’re interested in and to help you get qualified, with a safe, traditional mortgage. Yes, some people have some blemishes, but in our experience, most issues can be resolved rather quickly.

We’re a little different from the other builders in that we build “on demand” so that you know when you’re ready to qualify and when the construction will finish. It keeps the process lean and you don’t end up paying for the “model homes” that others use for advertising. Plus, we concentrate on helping you get qualified (even if there are challenges) and keeping you in loop through the entire process.

Requesting more detail doesn’t cost you a penny or obligate you in any way. What it does is it helps both of us to determine the best fit for your situation. And it gives both of us a timeline to work with.


Do you have a model home or houses that we can visit? No, we’ve found that most clients would rather save a bit on the cost of their home versus help pay for a model home and marketing overhead.

What if my credit is bad/not good/etc.? We have programs that may work for you, but we won’t know until we do a preliminary analysis. We do a preliminary credit inquiry to see what kinds of things will show up on your credit and so that we can strategize a way to improve your score if necessary. This is VERY common and not necessarily a barrier to getting your home.

Can you build x (type,style,etc.) house? Yes, it sounds like it might be a good idea to schedule a meeting if you have some ideas on what you are looking for…

Do you build in x neighborhood/area/etc.? Yes, we are building all across the San Antonio area…

Do I have to have a lot? No, we can help you find the right lot for your new home…What does No Down Payment mean? An FHA loan requires a down payment of 3.5 %.  If your home costs $120,000, the down payment will be $4,250.  With our program, we have a grant program that will pay the down payment.  The closing costs, which will be approximately $4,800 will be paid from “seller’s” concessions or from grant proceeds.

Why do I have to pay fees?  How much? The fees pay for services which begin the moment you are accepted into the program.  The amount is determined by whether or not you need credit restoration.  Your initial fee will be determined at our first meeting. This began as a ministry program, and while you are expected to pay some money to participate, the majority of the funds required to purchase a home are a grant to you.

Can I choose to have a home built anywhere? You can choose the general location as long as the lot falls within your allowance for your home purchase.
What determines what size home I can purchase? And for how much? 
The mortgage company tells us your qualifying amount.  Once we determine the payment amount that fits your budget and your lifestyle, that will show us your mortgage amount and your home size.

How long will it take me to get into my home? From the time we purchase a lot and begin the foundation, you can expect to be in your home within 90 days.

What can I choose for my home? Once we have you qualified for a home, our representative will go over your choices for things like paint colors, smart home amenities, flooring, bathrooms, porches, etc.

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